Neptune’s ARC Collection

Even though our expertise lies in crafting personalized engagement rings, we decided to design a line of ready-to-wear jewelry for our fellow explorers.
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Embark on a cosmic journey to create your own unique piece of jewelry.

Cosmic connections

300+ happy couples

"What an incredible experience. Bri helped me create the most beautiful engagement ring and band for my fiancé. She was over the moon."

Dean D. US, 2023

" 10/10 appreciated how Bri took the time to learn about myself, my fiancé and our lifestyle in order to match us with the perfect ring."

Josiah A. US, 2023

"So glad I chose Neptune. Bri went above and beyond to make sure my fiancé has the ring of her dreams!"

Kyle T. US, 2023

"Forever will be a fan of Neptune. Creating the perfect ring is no small task. Bri made it a fun and I will be forever grateful for the time and care she took designing our rings. "

Sam S. US, 2023

"I cried when I saw it. Thank you Neptune and Bri you made my dreams come true!"

Jenn. US, 2023

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Can I provide my own gemstones or other materials for my custom piece?

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Can I see a design before it's created?

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Can I make changes to a design after it has been started?

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